Looking For an Adventurous Vacation, Try Cruises in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Vacations

What are the clicks in your brain when you hear about Las Vegas? Bright casinos and lively night bars, no? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that in Las Vegas there is something as exciting as the nightlife. Yes, we are talking about cruises in Las Vegas. Cruises with an incredible aura and luxurious features are without a doubt the perfect place to make the most of your Las Vegas vacation.

These cruises will take you on a leisurely journey to some of Las Vegas’ divine attractions, such as Lake Mead, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and the mighty Colorado River. But it does not stop there. The food and drinks served at these cruises will only make you want more. Depending on prices and features, cruise ships strive to offer you the best experience possible. Nobody can get enough of these cruises in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Cruises

The cruises are full of elegant elements and first class facilities that make it an unforgettable experience for travelers. Check out some cruises that you can choose for your next Las Vegas vacation.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Cruise in the Desert Princess

In these incredible cruises, the traveler’s desire to explore does not stop. As part of this cruise, you can witness the mighty Hoover Dam, a living example of the man-made wonders of the world. Fold-down seats, air conditioning, footrests and large panoramic windows ensure nothing gets lost. An audioguide is always at your disposal to inform you of everything that is present during your trip. Once you have completed your visit to Hoover Dam, it’s time to board the Desert Princess rowing boat and cruise along beautiful Lake Mead. A cruise filled with several luxury amenities is truly one of the best boat cruises in Las Vegas.

Location: Hoover Dam, Boulder City

Price: $ 109

Average duration: 8 hours

Seller: Gray Line Las Vegas

Dinner cruise on Lake Mead

Take time out of your busy life and take your loved ones to the best dinner cruises in Las Vegas, for example on this beautiful Lake Mead cruise. The cool temperatures and the dazzling water only make the atmosphere a lot more fun. As for food, the dinner menu does not disappoint. It consists of a collection of 4 gourmet specialties, including pasta, grilled chicken, ribs and salmon. But wait! They have 4 special dishes for young guests. Kids will enjoy cheese pasta, hamburgers, chops and turkey sandwiches. In addition, the cruise also includes a bar where you can enjoy exotic cocktails with friends.

Location: 90 horse bay, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005, USA.

Price: Adult – $ 65

Children (2-11 years) – $ 40

Average duration: 2 hours

Departure time: 18h30

Seller: Lake Mead Cruises

Floating Colorado River

Well, how about a panoramic cruise through the Black Canyon? Sounds interesting, right? This cruise begins with some breathtaking landscapes of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, after which the slow and steady cruise through the Black Canyon seduces you. There is always a friendly and courteous guide to inform you about all the beauties you will see on your way, including hot springs and a snow sheep. After that, it’s time to enjoy a delicious lunch outside of Colorado, whose beauty will leave you speechless. Guess what? They also offer a free shuttle service from the hotel. Colorado River Cruise is one of the most popular cruises in Las Vegas.

Price: for adults – $ 174

Children (5-11 years old) – $ 164

Average duration: 8 hours.

Seller: Tours Canyon

Cruise on Lake Mead

What could be better than a cruise on an idyllic lake at night? This cruise is just one of the best night cruises in Las Vegas you can find. The cruise includes an outdoor tourist terrace and two covered, temperature-controlled terraces with stunning views of the desert and Lake Mead. In addition, a glass of champagne makes your travel experience even better. Enjoy a three-course meal with a healthy salad, followed by delicious dishes and exotic drinks. The cruise ends with a blind sunset on the night before your arrival at the hotel. The cruise also offers a wheelchair for older travelers.

Price: $ 132

Average duration: 7 hours.

Departure time: 15:40

Seller: SWEETours Inc

Las Vegas turned out to be a collection of aesthetic attractions, such as the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, which can best be explored on Las Vegas cruises. Dinners for night cruises, river and boat cruises guarantee tourists an unforgettable holiday Not only the warm and elegant atmosphere of the cruises, but their services and their features seem to impress tourists in large numbers. So much that a traveler has to offer, nothing can be as pleasant as the Las Vegas cruises. So plan your trip to Las Vega and go on a fun vacation.

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